Just plug in your decoration to a power source and whatever the decoration, the synchronized animation will start automatically!

Communication technology through carrier currents

This patented technology allows you to activate animations without modifying the power supply of the installation.
Each lighting decoration has an auxiliary power source. Depending on the program selected, the animation command unit sends each auxiliary source an on/off instruction. It starts the animation synchronously, creating a perfectly ordered animation.

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Simplicity and flexibility

  • Information is transmitted via the local electricity network
  • It is not affected by surrounding structures (reinforced concrete, steel structures, etc.)
  • It is programmable by computer with the AnimCreator software (more than 8 pre-recorded animations and one set programme)
  • Significant operative reach : 400 m between each decoration
  • Up to 31 decorations for a single master
  • Can be connected on three-phase + neutral, or single-phase

Patented System

Leblanc Illuminations makes the heart of cities and towns vibrate with animations synchronized using the local power supply, a patented process exclusive to Leblanc Illuminations.