Enjoy the creations of Leblanc Illuminations in a spectacular demonstration of its large dimension decorations.

Jardin Féerique

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Awaken a new sense. A few selective musical notes flow through the cool wintery air. Inspired by the Gramophone, Diapason renews the 3-D concept through a highly innovative concept: the interaction between sound and light. The phonograph shaped Diapason uses LED lights to synchronise to music, which creates an amazing Show ! Attentive and curious spectators are delighted with the spectacle of music and illuminations. Music adds an extra dimension, and Diapason provides more surprise, more emotion & more conversation. The Diapason is for all occasions, producing a dynamic and mesmerizing show.

Coeur de Noël

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A fantastic Christmas bauble has landed in the heart of the city. Shimmering and flickering, it ressembles a giant snowball, its sides frosted with ice, its size so large that you can stroll through. The ivory front is the seat of a warm and welcoming soul. Passers-by gather in to keep warm and to converse. Over them, little droplets of gold and silver lights are warming up the Christmas heart “Coeur de Noël”. Ice crystals with glossy refl ections are floating all around. Curious children touch the icy walls with their fingers. Dazzled parents observe slivers of light dancing above their heads.


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A pyramid embellished with mirrors rises right in the centre of town. The modern architecture with ultra-shiny white lacquered walls stands out against the blue sky.The midday sun reflects a thousands slivers of diamond over the shimmering facades.

The Apollo decoration exerts a magnetic attraction on curious passers-by. It draws their gaze and returns the image of a spellbound face, the lights of the town, the colour of the sky. Night falls and the heart of Apollo lights up. Like a rocket, the decoration propels us up among the stars. Heavenly bodies reflect the eyes of dazzled spectators. Apollo shows his dual personality: a decoration that is white and shining by day, luminous and multi-coloured by night.

Draped in 3D textile, the imposing pyramid caters to all desires. Those strolling past feel the desire to touch and the urge to observe this distinctive, astonishing decoration, unlike any other. Their curiosity is piqued and their thirst for discovery assuaged.

Sylma : a fountain of light of non-standard dimensions

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Showcased exclusively at the Mayors and Local Government Exhibition, the Sylma decoration makes an impact with its non-standard dimensions: 11m wide, 6m high, its majestic arches are arranged in a circle around a central column and spectators are invited to walk around inside the decoration.

Pop Up : a garden of multi-coloured light

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Designed on the principle of a stage, the Pop Up stage consists of five sections of light through which the visitor can walk. With multiple colours, it was showcased for the first time at the exhibition of Sustainable Development in F-Valenciennes in November 2010, where it was particularly noted for its user friendly nature and energy efficiency (using only1,500 W total, the equivalent consumption of a hair dryer).

Origami : a pyramid of gold and sand

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This colossal lighting structure towers over the passersby and stops them in their tracks, frozen with amazement and wonder. This fantastic and amazing design surprises with the lightness of its lines and seems as if it is balanced on a point.

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