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A pyramid embellished with mirrors rises right in the centre of town. The modern architecture with ultra-shiny white lacquered walls stands out against the blue sky.The midday sun reflects a thousands slivers of diamond over the shimmering facades.

The Apollo decoration exerts a magnetic attraction on curious passers-by. It draws their gaze and returns the image of a spellbound face, the lights of the town, the colour of the sky. Night falls and the heart of Apollo lights up. Like a rocket, the decoration propels us up among the stars. Heavenly bodies reflect the eyes of dazzled spectators. Apollo shows his dual personality: a decoration that is white and shining by day, luminous and multi-coloured by night.

Draped in 3D textile, the imposing pyramid caters to all desires. Those strolling past feel the desire to touch and the urge to observe this distinctive, astonishing decoration, unlike any other. Their curiosity is piqued and their thirst for discovery assuaged.

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