Since 1958, Leblanc Illuminations has been a leading light in the festive and christmas lighting sector. As part of Groupe Leblanc, Leblanc Illuminations has made its mark on lighting history with its design of decorations for local authorities and shopping centers.

In North America, Groupe Leblanc has been proudly represented by Leblanc Illuminations Canada since 2007.

Innovation is at the heart of Leblanc Illuminations

A pioneer of new trends, Leblanc Illuminations has always been at the heart of innovation renewing more than 30% of its collections each year.

Leblanc Illuminations offers a combination of innovation and unique creations.

The largest workshop for the manufacture of light decorations

Leblanc Illuminations represents the best of festival lighting. A premium brand, it offers its customers half a century of experience and innovation. A trendsetter, Leblanc Illuminations combines expertise in design and graphics with a quest for new materials and technologies. Leblanc Illuminations has an experienced, creative and dynamic team. Project managers, designers and commercial teams all working together to create unique and tailor-made solutions for towns and cities. With 140 employees and workshops of over 20,000m² in Le Mans, Leblanc Illuminations has the largest light decorations manufacturing site in France.


Leblanc Illuminations works with you at each stage of your project. From concept to completion, our team is there to advise you.

Turnkey projects

Step 1 : Pre-project study
During this stage your project leader works with you to define the needs, themes and the shapes and colours you want.
The LCX Group is made up of a young, creative and dynamic team. Their work is based on listening and customer satisfaction. Working closely with you, our commercial team will create a proposal that is personalised and tailored to your needs.

Step 2 : Formalisation of the project
The LCX Group team visualises street scenes at the locations selected, takes specific measurements of the site and notes the specific technical constraints.

Step 3 : Design and aesthetics
Product designers are able to create tailor-made decorations adapted to the requirements of your city. Following this, the team performs a technical review and creates simulations.

Computer simulation


Turnkey Service

- Installation/Removal
- Implementation
- Storage
- Maintenance
- Free simulation and design service!

Celebrated around the world

Leblanc Illuminations has 11 sales offices and subsidiaries and exports its design and French manufacturing expertise to over 7,500 towns and cities. Throughout the World, Leblanc Illuminations is the preferred partner for cities and towns looking for innovative solutions that meet their needs.

Leblanc Illuminations Canada

Colossal achievements

2014 | Niagara Falls. Leblanc Illuminations Canada creates a magical forest by making customized 3D animals for the Winter Festival of Lights, held every winter in Niagara Falls.

View the photos of Niagara Falls (Dufferin Islands)

Roberval. Leblanc Illuminations Canada is proud to illuminate the city of Roberval with several sceneries of the new collection. Star, ball and enchanted gift have the place of honor to bring us into a magical atmosphere.

View the photos of Roberval

2013 | Leblanc Illuminations Canada shines in more and more Canadian towns, including: Moncton, Dieppe, Saguenay, Candiac, Dolbeau-Mistassini, Montreal, Quebec, Cornwall, Cambridge, several BIAs in Toronto, Surrey, West Broadway BIA etc.

2012 | Niagara Falls. Leblanc Illuminations Canada designed and manufactured the decorations on the bridges of Niagara Fallsview Boulevard.

View the photos of Niagara Falls

2011 | Leblanc Illuminations Canada crossed the country to illuminate the towns of Surrey and Burnaby in British Columbia.

2009 | Design and manufacture of four fountains of light structures, one of them measuring 15 m, for the Casino of Lac Leamy.

View the photos of Lac Leamy

2007 | Leblanc Illuminations Canada decorations were introduced to the Christmas markets in Joliette – Lanaudière for the first time.

Groupe Leblanc

Half a century of innovation

2012 | Groupe LCX becomes Groupe Leblanc and features a new logo.

2011 | Launching the first light decorations with 3D video technology, Leblanc Illuminations gives a new lease of life to Christmas lighting. With a single memory card programmable on demand, so the light decorations are fully animated and customizable.

2010 | Leblanc Illuminations decorates the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry: Realized by our design team, the display creates an indulgent mood with white and blue tinted lights. Leblanc Illuminations takes the opportunity to promote French expertise with its illuminations in front of numerous international delegations on the occasion of the ministerial inaugurations at Bercy.

Groupe LCX is recognized for the excellence of its know-how: Groupe LCX, which includes Leblanc Illuminations, is selected to be part of the network Oséo Excellence. This distinction signifies that the company and its brands Leblanc Illuminations and Chromex are amongst the top 2,000 most promising companies in France.

Leblanc Illuminations presents the Sylma design: a design exclusively created for the Mayors and Loca l Authorities Exhibition. From now on, the spectator can now walk around inside the display.

2009 | Leblanc Illuminations lights-up the city of Montpellier with a non-standard illuminated fir tree 20m high, 12m in circumference at the base with 9 animated levels.

2008 | Leblanc Illuminations celebrates 50 years of creativity and innovation. Groupe Leblanc Chromex becomes Groupe LCX. At the Lumiville exhibition in 2008, Leblanc Illuminations is the first company in Europe to present to the public a decorative design (4m by 1m) in RGB Video.

2007 | For the 20th anniversary of the Arab World Institute in Paris, Leblanc Illuminations lights-up the building with more than 1.5 km of LED white Neon Flex lights.

2006 | Seven giant snowmen (9 and 12 m high) dressed in 46,000 LED lights, create a smile in the heart of the British cities of London, Manchester, Cambridge, Birmingham, Brighton and Norwich. In Laval, France, Leblanc Illuminations opens the first interactive animation where the spectator becomes a participant in the animation.

2005 | At Nanterre, Leblanc Illuminations produces an animation featuring 60 synchronised wireless decoration featuring ‘Diadème’, a patented and exclusive system.

2004 | The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (Wales) lights-up with children's drawings over 7m high. Leblanc Illuminations displays all its know-how in a showroom of 600 m2.

2002 | Leblanc lights-up Marrakech for the marriage of King Mohamed VI.

1996 | Leblanc Illuminations anticipates the need for energy conservation and is the first company in Europe to introduce LED garlands into its illuminations collection. It launches the LED Popsicle, the Cherry LED and the Twinkle LED (LED red, green and yellow).

1991 | Leblanc Illuminations invents the Flora-Leb, a PVC decoration for modular sockets which allows for illumination day and night receives an innovation award from ANVAR (French agency for innovation).

1988 | | The rope light gradually replaces the lamp holders in the production of light decorations.

1975 | Leblanc Illuminations retains its leadership position and makes a major achievement with the creation of modular lamp holder designs, patented in 1967.

1960 | For the first time, Leblanc decorations incorporates an aluminum frame, allowing for flexibility in design and an excellent size / weight ratio.

1958 | Michel Leblanc establishes the company Leblanc in the Meuse, France. It is the first company in Europe to make wooden decorations equipped with porcelain lamp holders.